Aged Ministers Association

The hymns and worship songs of the Church are predominant in this album in a sense to capture the heart of those who have gone before us - people who have served the Lord and His people their entire lives.

Paul has been so touched by their passion for people and God that he will dedicate a portion of the funds from the recording to the Aged Ministers Assistance (AMA) Fund.

AMA helps provide the daily needs of food, housing and medicine for aged or disabled ministers and their spouses who have substandard incomes. AMA is not a pension, but an emergency fund. It is underwritten solely by contributions from concerned Churches and individuals.

If you are interested in learning more about the monthly support and Christmas caravan ministry (taking or sending a Christmas Care package to a couple or individual being assisted by AMA), you may contact them at 1-417-862-2781 or visit their website at

Clay & Barbara Wallace
Dallas Metro Ministries

Clay & Barbara begin Dallas Metro Ministries in the early 1990's. They have been faithful to their call to disciple children in Christ in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Dallas. The past two years, they have seen children that were a part of the beginning of the ministry to come full circle and answer the call to ministry themselves. They now minister to over 4000 kids on a weekly basis. It is not just a weekend Sidewalk Sunday School. It is full-time ministry. They have even started a church for the adults in the inner Dallas community. A few years ago, they purchased empty apartment buildings which they have renovated into housing for them, their staff and interns and are continuing to work on the other buildings for safe houses for women and children in need. Each year they give out thousands of stockings to these children, many of whom have no Christmas without these gifts. We have supported this effort for many years and we know they would welcome any support that you would be able to give.
You can contact us for more info on how to help or click here to see more at






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