10. Get one for yourself
9. Play in your office as background music
8. Play in your car to relax on the way home from a hard day at work
7. Play as you sit in your favorite chair
6. Give to a student musician as a motivational tool
5. If you don't like it give it to your inlaws.
4. Give it to an elderly couple or widow
3. Give it to your parents or grandparents
2. It helps support elderly ministers with no retirement income
1. It's real

Fan Feedback From The CDs:

"I've listened to the CD 2 times and you nailed every note" - retired music director and musician

"We've just about worn the CD out listening to it while traveling...." - business woman

"....received your CD in the mail yesterday and I must say it is OUTSTANDING.
We have been playing it almost constantly since receiving it." - retired couple

" he played the annointing cascaded off the stage and over the audience" - pastor's comments about the CD release concert

" brought back a flood of good memories, song after song......" - retired widow

"......I really like track #6, Right Now the Presence and Shout To The Lord." - college graduate/game programmer

" favorites are Right Now the Presence and I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" - high school student

" are listening to beautiful, clarinet music by Paul Aaron" - DJ from popular radio program

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